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2017-06-02 02:18 pm

Feeling weird

I love Arashi's documentary about everything. Like their concert and pv making.
I feel so close to em.
Lovely feeling. 💙💛❤️💚💜
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2017-05-26 03:04 pm

Raining All Day

It's May 26th. And raining all day long. What a hectic day to do my duty.
All I want is sleeping inside my blanket, eating some warm food, and watching Arashi's video.
I wish I can do it.
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2017-05-07 02:27 pm


I just watched Sho Sakurai's interview about marriage and I can sooooo relate to him.
I don't want to my habit interrupt by someone.
At least for now and a year ahead xD.
I won't think about marriage, I've to love my self first.
So yeah I'll stuck to this fandom and being crazy.
Being alone and feeling lonely is different things. :)
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2017-04-30 11:19 pm


Its 23.20 already and here am I stuck in the middle of my office doing my works while listening to my favorite music.

Being an adult is never easy. I wish I forever teenager and all I think is what subject's book should I put to my school's bag.

I miss home too.
Being an adult means you cant depend anymore on your family. All you have is your own feet.
It sucks.

I want to be around my family everyday and see their smile.......